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Holistic approach on health

We strive to look at health on a holistic way. We consult with various veterinarians and specialists, also abroad. As a result, we have gained a wealth of experience in recent years. These experiences translate into new insights and  implement these insights in our breeding program. 

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Vaccination is necessary, but it is importont to know what en when to vaccinate.
If a young puppy is vaccinated, the body's passive antibodies, called maternal protection, can reverse the vaccine. In addition, the vaccine can reduce passive antibodies. This is why we vaccinate our puppies later and if possible use the vaccicheck first. Maternal protection is then already reduced and a vaccine has a greater chance of success. By means of a measurement, the so-called titre determination, it can be measured whether the body has produced antibodies against the disease. As long as the antibodies are visible, the body is protected. Re-vaccinating a body that is protected is pointless and will in fact only weaken the body. 

Puppy life begins with naturally occurring antibodies. In the standard vaccination protocol, vaccination is done at 6, 9 and 12 weeks. It was assumed that a puppy was sufficiently protected. This was followed by an annual repeat of the cocktail (DHP), supplemented as standard with a vaccination against Weil's disease (L2 or L4) and kennel cough (Pi). Research has shown that the above assumption is very often incorrect and many young dogs do not have adequate protection against the three main diseases. That is why it is important to measure the result of the vaccination with a vaccicheck. Otherwise your puppy could have no protection at all. Measure + Knowledge

We prefer to give the vaccinations later at 8, 12 and 16 weeks to be sure the vaccination gives the right amount of protection. Our puppies does not recieve the L4 vaccination in combination with a cocktail DHP. The side effects of the L4 vaccination have shown in recent years that dogs suffer a lot from it (vaccination damage to organs, lethargy, gastrointestinal inflammation) that we have decided not to recommend it. We follow the protocol of Dr Karen Becker who made a very clear video about this vaccination.

Vaccinations or Over vaccination?


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