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Sherlock in Sauerland

Sherlock in Sauerland

In Sauerland we are busy setting up a holistic dog knowledge center where you can enjoy a holiday with your dog and follow various workshops. Renting a holiday home with a fully enclosed garden of 5000m2 is also possible in the long run. Our house borders a beautiful river and the garden is a park full of challenges and natural agility for the dog. The sniffing garden with all kinds of spots and tree trunks to balance and discover is a challenge and relaxation at the same time for every dog.


Adventure time

Snuffle en sensory garden

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Bioresonance is a non-invasive and gentle therapy for animals. Based on studies, it is a safe therapy with no undesirable side effects. 

Like humans, dogs and cats can develop many diseases. Sometimes these diseases can be life-threatening. Other times, they cause discomfort and pain. But, unlike us, they can’t tell us their problem. We can’t communicate. So, we have to figure it out on our own.  And we are happy to tell we have helped a lot of dogs with their healthissues!


Workshop: Coat Care

Labradoodles and coat care. The two are indisputably linked. If you start a labradoodle, the care also includes learning how to maintain the coat. Unfortunately, the maintenance of the coat is often presented as very easy, while this is really a myth. Regular brushing and trimming is necessary to prevent tangles and matting. A matted coat deprives the skin of the ability to breathe, which can cause excessive perspiration and tightness, with all the associated (skin) problems. A long coat also retains more dust (which is not conducive to allergy sufferers) and I'm not even talking about half the forest, not only leaves and sand, but also parasites and ticks hide in the coat.

If you want a good start for your labradoodle, follow a stress-free coat care workshop. More news from summer 2023


Vacation home

A new adventure in the New Year! Available for rental from summer 2023.  A cozy holiday home completely newly furnished. Rooms with a view over the hills and fields of Sauerland, a sunny terrace for coffee on the front of the house and a beautiful garden with endless views. Hiking trails start on the doorstep and even a real water source next door. Hence the name of our house "Am Brunnen"

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