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Puppy Planning

Litter plans (update!)   Autumm/Winter 2024

Charlotte Chopin  (Aka Sam) & P & J Duke with (large) miniature size puppies.

colours: apricot, red, black & white  markings, tuxedo. Charlotte aka Sam is our thiird generation ALD from this special lineage. Great grandmother Canadian Doodles Oria  came all away from Canada and is one of our foundation Australian Labradoodles. A very special soul, very sensitive and sweet. Oria has had two litters, one of the puppies is her daughter Puck who lives with us. A very special girl with the same gentle disposition as her mother. I call this line my Puckies because they are so special. We kept Sam from Puck's second and last litter. Sam who had her first litter in January 2023.with six beautiful puppies. Trix is the beautiful apricot daughter we kept from this litter (Upsidedown Clementine is her pedigree name) who lives with my son and daughter-in-law together with half-sister Pilou.. Emotional support dogs, they call them, because that's what they are. They offer support and comfort  if you need and your company is what they love the most. Playful with other dogs but then of course they need to be cuddled again or they fall asleep beside you or on your lap.

Wonderful dogs, I can't say anything else and I am not the only one :-)

This will be Sam's last litter, we never do more than one or two litters for the welfare of the dog.

Of course all our dogs in our programm are fully tested, dna trough Orivet and van Hearingen lab, Ofa, and Ecvo according to regulations from Wala Australian Labradoodle Association, which we are a member of from the beginning. 

It is possible to register for the waiting list if you send an email. to

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