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How did it all start?

We are Monique Koelewijn and Eelco Negro. We share a passion for nature, sustainability and new paths. Monique has a creative background, the art academy, music and photography. In his younger years, Eelco did the Anthroposophical Agriculture School Warmonderhof, followed by a study of environmental science and has also worked for a long time in that area. But our both interests have joined.


Because Monique became chronically ill and had to undergo all kinds of treatments. The effects of bioresonance from Regumed helped in this proces.. We have also seen the healing effect in animals. The training of Anne Lill Kvam has brought a lot in the field of observing natural behavior of dogs and their intrisic value. In the field of behavior and health we hope to be able to implement and combine this knowledge in our work, lifestyle and our small -scale breeding programm.

How it all started

 A dog is part of the family for us. Just like our human children,he or she is entitled to attention and understanding. We must do our best to translate this to the dog. We can do this by learning and understanding dog language and signals. In 2008 we welcomed our founder of Upsidedown Labradoodles from Australia,  Rutlands Lil Gem to our family. Her 15 year old daughter Rubi still lives with us and is the sweetest and easiest going dog you can imagine. Gem was followed by Rivermist Gabriel, Canadian Doodles Oria, Gemstone Bliss, Tualatin Rivers Snoopy and even more Australian Labradoodles that we all carefully selected and brought over from Australia, America and Canada. While they are all retired now, we kept a few grandchildren to continue their legacy. We deliberately opted for a small-scale program with a maximum of one or two litters per year. In addition, we are setting up a vacation and training center in Sauerland. 


Our Guidance
Both the care and the guidance of the puppies towards stable, lovely and gentle dogs is our top priority. Our approach is basis on a clear and holistic vision. We believe that a dog should be part of your family. Our entire house is adapted to the dogs, we also do not use crates or a run. Raising our puppies in our home is what is best for their development. Therefore our puppies does leave not at 8 weeks but between 10 and 12 weeks. During this period they will learn so much and gain experiences you cannot repeat. Everyone (both humans and animals) benefits from a safe and loving environment. With a caregiver to develop an affectionate bond that makes all the difference. This way you can make the best start in your early life! Our PuppyPlusProgram (PPP) give our puppies and new owners the best start to their lives together as possible. 

Scientific Insight
We base our approach on scientific insight in regard to dog behavior, education, nutrition and (puppy) guidance. Eelco has completed ecological agricultural school and studied environmental science. in University. In addition, Because we became so interested in the psyche of the dog, he has followed the dog trainer education course of Anne Lil Kvam. We are a member of PDTE, Pet Dog trainers Europe, founded by Turid Rugaas whose vision we fully endorse. We have the experience and professional knowledge for the guidance of dog and owner. To guarantee this, we follow various training courses to keep up to date with the latest developments in the field of healthy nutrition, customized vaccinations, bioresonance, behavior and guidance.

Our dogs are extensively tested before they are used in our program. Hips and elbows are assessed by Ofa in America and a broad genetic breeding profile by Orivet in Australia. Their breed specific genetic screens for diseases & traits that are relevant to our breed. The customised panels for the ALD select from over 40 genetic tests that have been scientifically validated(published) for the breed listed. All FBPs include a DNA Profile (genetic fingerprint)These are also conditions for being a member of the Wala.

To maintain and support the health of our dogs, we think it is very important that the dogs receive good quality food. Our dogs receive organic fresh meat . Instead of a standard vaccination protocol, we vaccinate tailor-made. We also use the vaccicheck to measure their level of protection. In this way you can protect the puppy when necessary and prevent vaccination damage.

Wala Association
We are members of Wala, an international association for Australian labradoodle breeders where transparency and innovations in the field of health and behavior are paramount. All our dogs are registered with Wala.

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