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Making a connection is the most important part of raising our puppies

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Our Puppy Programm

It takes a Village to raise a puppy


To us, character and health are most important part of responible breeding. Setting up and maintaining a responsible breeding program means years of research, investment and, above all, a lot of time. Caring and guidance of our the puppies (and future owners) is a challenge that we take seriously. We are not a kennel and our dogs are our familymembers. Our carefully selected boys live a happy doodlelife in Guardian homes, we call them our bonus family! Our program is deliberately small-scale so that we can devote all our time in caring and guiding the puppies we only plan once or twice  in two years. 


The puppies are born in our bedroom and around four weeks they move to the living room. Because we are present 24/7, they naturally get all the attention and hear all the daily sounds that they will later encounter in their new home. During this period they also come into contact with our other housemates on 4 legs (aunts and grandmothers and benjamin Frida). The puppies learn to use their noses at an early age and play sniffing games in the garden and inside with a sniffing mat. Brain work for dogs is a fantastic way to shift focus and regain calm in an already busy puppy life.

From 7 weeks we slowly introduce new adventures, in the puppy buggy or in the baby carrier, but we also build that up very slowly. We fully adapt to the pace of the puppy, and also look at individual differences. A puppy's glass runs over quickly, so here too, slowly build up and see what your puppy can handle. In this way, puppies can get a positive association and they are not exposed to anything and everything too early, so that you get restless and busy puppies. Potty training also starts early and experience shows that our puppies are (almost) potty trained within two weeks. Although this also depends of course on following advice.


Unlike most breeders, the Upsidedown puppies don't move until around 10 weeks. We choose this based on the latest insights. The mother dog starts weaning (stopping milk) in the seventh week. During this period, the mother dog takes a little more distance from her puppies. When the weaning is over, the mother has all the time to raise her children again. Then they learn how to interact with other dogs, bite inhibition, and how to handle anything that comes your way under expert guidance. That makes a huge difference and that is the best basis for a balanced puppy. This ensures a better development of the puppies and makes them completely ready for their new adventure between 9 and 12 weeks.


We do offer a special PuppyPlusProgram (PPP) in which we keep the puppy till 15 weeks.

Specially for first time owners or people in different countries in Europe where the puppy needs to have rabies vaccination in order to travel. Contact us if you are interested in the program.

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